Onboard bass preamp with 2 band eq

This small preamp was made for a fretless bass guitar that I made for a bass player from our band. The bass guitar had 4 holes knobs and I decided to make 2 band eq preamp together with volume control and a blend knob. Here is my schematic of the onboard preamp with 2 band Baxandall … [Read more…]

Fuzz from “Stingray” record from “The Shadows”

One local musician contacted me to try my germanium fuzz-face. He is a bass player in the local “The Shadows” cover band. They wanted to cover “Stingray” composition but didn’t find a way to get strange broken fuzz sound from the recording. So, I told him that I could try to replicate this sound and if … [Read more…]

OCD overdrive clone (my very first pedal)

Hi there! Today we will have a look on my very first pedal which I made inside ordinary aluminum box. Beside being history page this article has relatively deep explanation of the OCD overdrive circuit including very basics pedal making things as power supply, operational amplifier and other things. Also in this page you can … [Read more…]

Modded Tube-Screamer

Here is one project I have made. This is standard TS-808 with low frequency cut-canceling switch and 3 position switch for diode mods. 1st: standard mode with 2 1n914 diodes 2d: 8 soviet germanium diodes. number 8 is taken to make overdrive threshold be around the same with original mode. 3d: asymmetrical clipping with 1n914 … [Read more…]

Fuzz-Face project

While ago I made few fuzz-faces with soviet military germanium transistors.  This is not first germanium fuzz-face which I made. After comparing plenty of different transistors my choice was high hfe GT404 – soviet Germanium transistors. I made few of this pedals for sale. They were made with soviet paper oil capacitors BMB. This capacitors … [Read more…]